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Basics of Beekeping

Popular beekeeping course will interest both the beginner beekeeper and those individuals looking for knowledge about bees and the beekeeping industry.

Covers a wide range of topics from equipment, biology, pollination, duties and responsibilities, honey and hive products, pests and diseases.

The curriculum is designed to be comprehensive, but also dynamic and fun with hands-on activities.

Together we will work our way through the topics, learning about the colony and its relationship to the environment and the beekeeper.

Come and learn how to responsibly manage honey bees colonies and you will find a whole community of beekeepers ready to help.

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This is a very popular evening course that fills up quickly.  For the spring semester we have opened up a second course to keep up with the demand.

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"This course is  hands down the best informative, accurate, fun, hands-on and ALL you need to know about bees or to start beekeeping, refresh your bee knowledge or expand your bee knowledge." Anna & Larry  

"I met Whitney when she taught me the beekeeping course that was offered by Trent U. Whitney is smart, funny and LOVES BEES! I was so impressed with her knowledge and teaching style. Not only did she teach us about beekeeping, but also about the various ways you can make use of bee products like wax, honey and pollen. I found this to be so helpful! I would recommend Whitney and also the course to anyone even remotely interested in bees. I hope to someday have my own hives and thanks to Whitney I know a lot more about the process."  April