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Local Honey


Lake Reflections Apiary Honey is 100% pure raw honey collected by the beekeeper directly from the hive.  It has NOT been heated or pasteurized and contains all the natural pollen, nutrients & flavour.

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Beekeeping Courses


Popular beekeeping course will interest both the beginner beekeeper and those individuals looking for knowledge about bees and the beekeeping industry.   I teach these courses at Trent University 

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Eco tours


Do you want to immerse yourself in the day of a beekeeper? Are you interested in taking your team to a leadership workshop?  Come and experience a 'day in the 'hive' Eco Tours

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Honey Products


We sell honey straight from the hive for personal use, bulk sales, wedding favours and special occasions.  We also sell other  hive products such as candles, cosmetics, soap and bee wraps.

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Swarm Sisters


With a mutual interest in bees and sustainable living the Swarm Sisters (Lesley Boileau & Whitney Lake) were formed in 2016 to provide feral swarm removal services to the general public of Northumberland County.

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Fun Facts on Bees


Bees are one of the most fascinating creatures I have ever encountered, starting on how the bee hive hierarchy works to the 91 jobs a bee does in her life span of under 152 days.


About Us

Beekeeper Whitney Lake !

An interest in the natural world, particularly the relationships that exist between all living things has drawn Whitney to beekeeping. Working with these amazing creatures has given her a deeper understanding and appreciation for the complexities of nature. Honey bees can be both extremely resilient when faced with challenges in health and resources and also quite vulnerable.

Trent Apiary Club & Swarm Sisters

2014 Whitney founded the Trent Apiary Club, bringing the first hives to the Trent University Peterborough campus. Then together with Lesley Boileau formed a swarm removal business called the Swarm Sisters. 


As a hobby beekeeper Whitney understands the challenges and excitement in taking those first few steps towards having your own apiary. Whitney is committed to working in partnership to share information and mentor new beekeepers.Primarily she believes in a world where we can form communities and co-exist with all things on this land.

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